Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Best packaged food out there for you

I got that from a magazine (women's health) but I thought was worth it sharing cause not always we can make everything from scratch right?
So what are the best packaged food that we can buy?

here are some ideas for dinner:
Pasta sauce
Leggo’s Sugo di Pomodoro Premium Cooking Sauce – Italian Herbs with Basil 

Dried pasta
Vetta High Fibre

Added oat fibre doubles the fibre content.

Gluten-free pasta 
San Remo Gluten Free Penne

This holds together well – unlike others... 

Side dish
Sun Rice Roasted Vegetable Brown Rice

Low in saturated fat and has some fibre. 

Sun Rice Brown Whole Grain Rice

The whole grain makes it highest fibre. 

Chang’s Whole Wheat Noodles

Add thick or thin noodles to your stir-fry.

Ainsley Harriott Plain Couscous

Low in fat, sodium and kilojoules. Sold. 

Stir-fry sauce 
Kan Tong Sweet & Sour Lite

No MSG, 99 per cent fat free, lowest sodium. 

Birds Eye Steamed Fish Fillets, Lemon and Parsley

These fillets have no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Plus they’re ready in a flash. 

Ingham Lite Breast Appetizers

Lowest fat and kilojoule crumbed chicken product available. 

Frozen dinner 
Healthy Choice Stir-Fry Chicken with Hokkien Noodles

With one serving of vegies, this quick meal keeps that saturated fat low.

Frozen pizza
McCain Pizza Perfection Thin Crust Tandoori Chicken

Oven-frozen pizza that’s the lowest in kJs, saturated fat and sodium.

Frozen potatoes
Healthy Choice Country Style Wedges

These suckers are low in fat. 

Frozen burger
I&J Lean Beefers Lean Beef Patties

Lower kilojoule option with 60 per cent less fat than the regular patties.

Vegie burger 
Sanitarium Vegie Delights, Not Burgers

Great for vegos. High in protein and low sodium. High in zinc too. 

Stir-fry mix
McCain Stirfry Supreme Vegetables

A healthy variety of vegies.

Frozen vegies
Heinz Steamfresh Carrot, Corn & Broccoli

Single serve packs for vegies in a flash. 

Canned vegies
Edgell Mixed Vegetables

Lower in sodium than other tinned types. 

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