Wednesday, 10 November 2010

DIY Health Check

Here are 5 simple health checks that you can do it at home and could actually alert to more serious things:

You will need:
 - A PAIR OF TWEEZERS - increased facial hair could mean one of the symptoms of PCOS  (Polycystic ovary syndrome). Apart from increased body hair, specifically around the chin, stomach and nipples, other symptoms could be disordered periods, weight gain and acne. 
 - NAIL CLIPPERS The way your nails look sometimes can reflect health issues. If your nails are pale, it may indicate an iron deficiency. Flanky and brittle nails can sometimes indicate that your thyroid is imbalanced and yellowfish nails can mean either a fungal infection or poor circulation. 
 - A MIRROR  Stick your tongue out and say: AAAHHHH. a healthy tongue should look pink, smooth and fairly moist. However, the tongue could become swollen, discouloured, white, painful...those are symptoms of stress, too much alcohol. vitamin deficiencies or even more serious illness.
 - A HAIRBRUSH - Hair loss in women is quite common, particularly during pregnancy or stress. however, hair loss can also indicate thyroid problems, iron deficiency and diabetes, and also, vitamin D deficiency. 

 - DENTAL FLOSS - A recent study has shown links between serious gum disease and risk of cardiovascular disease, so if you have bleeding gums, or mouth ulcers...see your doctor. 

(From Coles Beauty & Health magazine)

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