Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Modern Housesingle. Topic: Carpet Cleaner

Here is a post from one of my guest writers: Maureen
Shinozaki currently living in California.

Vic and I have been friends for more than 6 years. We have lots of things in common: we studied at the same college and we worked together overseas. Other than that, we share a passion for traveling and living all around the world, and lately, we have been facing similar international job hunting experiences. Therefore, I couldn’t say no to her offer of being a guest writer at The Modern Housewives Blog.

Some may argue that I shouldn't be consider for this position, as I’m not married at all and don’t have any plans to be a bride anytime soon. However, living on my own since I was 17 gives enough credentials to claim a spot at the modern housewives world. Let’s say that I’m a modern “housesingle”.

As an experienced “housesingle” / guest writer, I could have picked several topics to start my contribution here. So I decided to talk about something very unusual, but very helpful: carpet cleaner rentals. Before you say “what-the-heck is she talking about?”, I explain: when you move from an apartment to another as frequently as I do in my trips through the US, Europe or Brazil, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that most tenants  normally leave a messy, smelly, totally disgusting carpet in the place you’re now trying to call home.

So before you consider spending US$250 to get a professional cleaner to fight wine, dog poop, mud or other much worse stains or to try to eliminate persistent smoking or curry smell all over the place, check it out a local rental carpet cleaner. Here in the US, you can choose amongst one of the 30,000 stores that rent Rug Doctor. You’ll pay around US$25 for one-day rental, plus $20 for a green formula cleaning kit.
You’ll get a super clean rug, almost as a brand new one. Then just add some nice fresh flowers in fancy vases from Vazu Australia, a couple of family portraits here and there and voilà, you have a homesick-proof home wherever you are.


Here in Australia Carpet Cleaners can be rented from most Woolworths and Coles and it cost around $50 / day renting.

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