Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Where are my keys?

Do you often ask (yourself or someone else) have you seen my keys?

The best solution to avoid that key hunting when you are really late and can't afford to waste 5 minutes looking for your keys all over the house is very very simple:
Get yourself a key holder!
Here are some cute cute suggestions and where to buy it:

4 Silverware Coathooks Modern Decor Recycled art with forks

This one is more of a coat hanger but I am sure you can put your keys.

Find out more HERE

Rooster Coat hooks or Key hooks

This Rooster key holders would look amazing in any kitchen in my humble opinion.

Find out more HERE

Cottage Decor Wall Hooks MAIL KEY ORGANIZER Black

This one is Genious. You can put your mail also. 
In my house would work perfectly.

Find out more HERE

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