Saturday, 11 September 2010

Wording for wedding cards

We've got so many cards for our wedding...they are all adorable, but they wont go to recycling...we will keep them in our box of wedding memories.

So that said, I thought that given examples of wording in wedding cards would be a good way of Recycling. If you don't know what to write for someone's wedding, or want ideas to DIY art crafted cards, here it goes.

Hope its useful.
Congratulations in your new home. May your happiness grow as the years hurry past. May each year in turn bring more joy than the last.

Wishing you both a wonderful life ahead. From Mike

Dear Ben and Vic, Mazel Tov on the wedding, Wishing you many years of happiness together. Dave and Amy

Dear Vic and Ben,
Jan and I wish, hope and pray for your future together. We can see the perfect fit that you are together. We are so glad to have had time to know you both and realize that you have the once ingredient to live a life of love, rtrust and compromise together and that is " Laughter" .

Lots of Love,
Jan & Sol

Dear Ben and Vic
Mazal Tov on such a wonderful occasion and I'm so glad I got to share your wedding day with you. Wishing you success and blessing in your life together

On your wedding day, happiness and dream come true. That's what's in this wish for you.
Congratulations to you both

Dreams come true when shared by two. Congratulations.

To Vic and Ben,
Wishing you much love and happiness on the occasion of your wedding.
Julie and Nigel

How very thrilled we are to be celebrating this very special day with you all. We wish you a hearty mazeltov and wish you a lifetime of happiness together as you embark on the magical journey together as a husband and wife.

Wishing you both endless happiness together, good health and lots of fun,.
With love, Gay

To the happy couple,
May all your days be filled with as much happiness as your wedding night.
With all the hope and prosper for many healthy years together with the families.
Lee and Esther

Dear Ben and Vic,
So happy for the two of you and so sorry I couldn't be there on your special day. Looking forward to spending time with you in this new phase of your lives.

To the happy couple,
Best wishes for a happy future.

Congratulations to you both - May you have a long and happy marriage together.

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