Monday, 25 October 2010

cafe Roma

Was a cold and windy Saturday night. Ben and I were bored and hungry. We took the train to get some fast food actually, in Kings Cross, and ended up finding Cafe Roma by accident.
What a delightful accident.
The place smells and resembles to those restaurants you find in Rome itself. and the food was amazing.

We had a mixed salad and a porcinni funghi pizza. (you can see more details in their website but I must advert the prizes in website are not updated)

The food was brilliant and light. Pizza with a very nice dough that doesnt feel heavy in your stomach.

The dessert was also brilliant.
We had Pear and Apple crumble pie and Tiramissu. I dont personally like tiramissu but apparently was very good! :)

So its definitely worth it a visit!
Hope you enjoy

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