Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My shopping list

Today I am not working, so I went to do grocery shopping. This time I went without a shopping list. I sometimes think about what I am going to buy and cook during the week, and sometimes I ...don't.
The only thing that we really ran off, that was written in my fridge door, was body wash...

I always think and wonder what other people buy in the supermarket...do they think about it before? do they have a list or play by ear? Do they come with a list but see things on special and buy it extra? ( I do that, although today I behaved very well).
Either ways, without having a list, while I was there I started to think what has good price, what could I do with each of the items, etc.

Here is what I bought: 
Bodywash (Obviously)
this photo was taken by ME! but a while a go,
with a very good camera that I use to have

Cherry tomato
mix salad
Corn cobs
green apples

wrap bread (this one I dont make myself, because I probably can't freeze it, but 
Actually I will think about it)
Almonds kernels ( I always have almonds at home, but actually don't know why)
Water crackers
Grana padano cheese
ricotta cheese

Sparkling water
Cereal bars

I spent 64 dollars.
that should be enough food for a week or even more, for Ben and I.
Have you notice that I basically only bought fruits and vegetables? I am still trying to be healthy, lol!

So tell me, what do you buy?



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