Saturday, 30 October 2010

The voice of your lipstick

Good Morning,

The other day I read in a magazine that there are some rules, or some trends to colour and style of lipstick according to your age range. It is very interesting and funny enough, quite real.
if someone knows who should I credit this image to, please let me know.
I thought about sharing in here:

For teens:
Pinkish - red lips and fruit flavored gloss. as natural as it gets.

twenties:  It's all about finding the right balance. You can pair red lips with clear eyes but basically anything goes well.

Thirties: A class yet opaque red tone will suite basically every skin tone and gives a rich and serious appearance. It's a return to the classic

Forties: Use bright shades and sheer textures to freshen your look. You can layer gloss over your lippy for extra dimension.

Fifties: Creams and matters should be worn with confidence and applied with a lip pencil.

I must say that like everything in Fashion, that might change in a couple of years, but as per today, October 2010, apparently these are the rules to follow.


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